The Ultimate Checklists for Web Agency's

Josh Ghent
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✅  Save 100's of Hours Maintaining Websites

✅  Access 15 easy-to-use checklists

✅  Actionable steps to improve your clients websites

✅  Carefully refined and battle tested advice

✅  Lifetime Updates

What do you get?

Checklists for Web Agencies features 100+ actionable steps in the form of 15 battle tested checklists expertly crafted from my experience working in and for web agencies.

If you’re a designer, developer or owner of a web agency, you’re in the right place.

These checklists are designed to easily formalise processes. Saving you time and allowing you to deliver better quality products to your clients. This will give you a massive edge against your competitors. 🚀

The checklists it contains are as follows:

  1. Monthly website checklist
  2. Quarterly website checklist
  3. Yearly website checklist
  4. Pre-website deployment
  5. Post-launch checklist
  6. Website Migration checklist
  7. Onboarding a new client
  8. Testing checklist
  9. Site performance checklist
  10. SEO Checklist
  11. Server maintenance
  12. Accessibility checklist
  13. Image optimisation checklist
  14. Hiring checklist
  15. Website migration checklist

You can easily prioritize tasks because each tip is categorized by its impact and effort (according to the Eisenhower method). Then, you can focus on low effort tasks that bring a high user value.

✨ Bonus: A list of insider tools that I recommend using to accelerate your web agencies development ✨

Why checklists?

Checklists are a fantastic way to formalise processes without long winded documents that no one reads.

We all forget things, which is why pilots have checklists specifically designed to make sure that each flight you take is safe. You can deliver this same reliability and quality by utilised checklists. Forgetting any one of these steps can jeopardise your clients trust in your agency. Using checklists is a bulletproof way to ensure that nothing "falls through the cracks".

FAQ: Are these checklists only for web agencies?

Although the checklists have been written with web agencies in mind, they are general enough to be used by any software company.

FAQ: Is there a refund policy?

There is nothing more awkward that purchasing something you later regret. That's why we have a 24 hour, no questions asked 100% refund policy. Email me at or send me a message on Twitter.

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The Ultimate Checklists for Web Agency's

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